Digital Wave Productions have been packaging live sporting events for the past 20 years for clients such as but not limited to ESPN, CBS, ABC, FOX SPORTS, NCAA, LSN, NBC, & CSTV.

We specialize both in linear and non-linear productions.  Our owner was at the forefront of technology by having the chance to be the first packager to encode, with no other transmission path,  a collegiate game for ESPN.  This became the start of a new revolution in sports packaging and the start of E3 and others like the non-linear network.

Digital Wave Productions specialty has been taking on niche sports and creating a formula to make it work for television. Besides all of the normal ball sports that Digital Wave packages, DWP takes sports like Prowstercross, Snocross, Women’s Roller Derby, Corn Hole, Hydro Flight, and Pickleball and help them become successful broadcast sports.

HD Production